New Title: ABC OF Yellowstone Oddities

An Alphabet of the Obscure, Endangered, and Underappreciated in Our First National Park

Take a closer look at the unseen world between the bison, bears, world-famous geysers, and giant waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park. You’ll find a place packed with detail and biodiversity that is incredible in its own right! What is an extremophile, and how did it help fight COVID? Better yet, what is sunburst lichen, and why was it taken to space? Learn fun and fascinating facts about these and many other lesser-known plants, animals, places, and things of Yellowstone. Each feature is richly depicted in bright, playful watercolor illustrations. The back of the book features four teacher resource pages with thought-provoking activities written by the author, a certified teacher. In addition, a section is dedicated to conservation for readers who want to take action. Even life-long Yellowstone visitors will surely learn something new from this extraordinary alphabet book. Written and illustrated by a Yellowstone Artist-in-Residence.

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