Will I Illustrate Your Book?

For the most part I only illustrate the books I personally write, but I will illustrate and provide book design services for other’s projects for a fee. Here is a sample quote to give you an idea of my price range. Read on below the sample quote to learn my policies on “collaboration.”

Sample Quote for Book Illustration & Design

(A big thanks to Creative Cat Media as a source for some of the content!)

This estimate is based on a phased approach for the development of the illustrations. Each phase will be billed on completion and payment received before starting the next phase. This is not considered a “work for hire project” but similar to a flat fee approach. Anastasia Kierst will grant you rights to use the illustrations created during this process without any additional royalties paid to her. The illustrations can be used in advertisements and social media in addition to usage in both print and digital book formats.

Phase One:
Initial rough character sketches, to make sure both the writer and the illustrator have the same vision for the book. Rough thumbnails frames. Based on standard storybook format of one image per paragraph depicting the most visual scene. With 16 frames total, this makes the 32 page storybook.
3 hours $225.00

Phase Two:
Refined Sketches
24 hours* – 45 minutes per page hour per page – 32 page book $1,800.00

Phase Three:
Final Illustrations in watercolor and digital collage.
128 hours* – 4 hours per page $9,600.00

Phase Four:
Book Design / Layout / Cover Design – Print ready files ready for upload in .PDF format.
10 hours $750.00

Project Total: $12,375 +Texas sales tax of 8.25% applied to each invoice when applicable.

One round of revisions for Character Development and Page Development are included; additional revisions
Additional revisions will be charged at $75/hour
You are granted full rights to publish and use the illustrations in your print and digital books, blogs, etc.
Anastasia Kierst will be credited as the Illustrator whenever the images are shown
Anastasia Kierst will receive 6% royalties on any copies of the book sold
If books are printed, Anastasia Kierst will have the option to buy copies at 70% below retail price
Anastasia Kierst retains ownership of the original artwork and the copyrights of the illustrations themselves
Anastasia Kierst and Eternal Summers Press LLC retain the right to show the project in their portfolio of work

*Note: Time estimates for phases Two and Three are based on the level of detail and realism in P is for Pangolin. Less detailed illustrations, as in Go Find It, might cut those hours in half.

— End Sample Quote —


Collaboration Policy

By collaborate, people usually mean that they’d like me to illustrate their book in return for a share in the profits of books sold. I’m asked to “collaborate” on projects very often. This is common for most illustrators. If I were to take on all of the collaboration requests I receive there is no way I would ever have time to create my own books – or run my business. Therefore, I have a standard contract for collaboration projects:

My standard picture book collaboration contract when working with self-publishers is at least an $8,000 advance and 60% profit of books sold. Half of the advance must be paid before I begin illustration, the other half is due upon completion. The advance covers both illustration and book design.

I do not take on projects based on speculated profits. When approaching me with projects, kindly be mindful of the fact that I am running a business. While I do enjoy my illustration work, it is very much a business – I have quit my day job and must receive fair compensation to cover my time and expenses. Please do not ask me to illustrate your book ‘just for fun’ or as a personal favor, while I would love to make everyone happy, I simply cannot afford to work for free. Have a heart and don’t try to make me feel guilty about this, doing so is unfair and it happens to illustrators all the time. Here’s a passionate article that explains it from the illustrator’s point of view.

Read more on how illustrators are compensated here on The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators website.

Don’t Despair!

As an author/illustrator myself, I know that stories often come from the heart. If you are unable to afford my fees, but creating your book is a still a must-do on your bucket list, just keep looking for an illustrator. Consider asking a student at a local high school or community college. Do a search for “book illustration service” on etsy.com. But remember that these people should also be compensated fairly for their skill level. Don’t lose heart, but do have a heart when approaching illustrators.

Thanks & all the best in your literary journey,

Anastasia Kierst

Author/Illustrator & Owner of Eternal Summers Press LLC


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