Want a unique fundraiser for your school, organization or cause?

Our products are great for fundraising or as donation incentives. You get the same great wholesale discounts that our retailers enjoy and you’ll have 60 days to pay. Products are not marked with a price, so you set the price and keep the difference.


How it works:

  1. Order a sample pack (optional).
  2. Look over our wholesale pricing and decide what your markup will be. We offer quantity discounts on many products, so the more you order, the less you pay per piece on some items.
  3. Put together an order form or site – we can help you out with product descriptions and images.
  4. Take orders in person, via social media or even on a fundraising site like GoFundMe.
  5. Tally up your sales and place an online order on our wholesale site, Eternal Summers Press LLC

How and when you collect funds is up to you. We will invoice you the day the order is placed and you will have 60 days to pay via check, card or PayPal.

Book Signing Events

If you are in Dallas, TX or Boulder, CO metro areas, I can deliver your order in person and stay for an hour or two to chat with readers and sign books. This is a favorite with PTA groups. Signings can be held before or after a PTA meeting, holiday performance, school fair, etc.

This event is free with a $500 order minimum. Please contact me two months in advance to arrange.

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