Imagination Vacation Yellowstone


Suggested retail: $9.95 | $4.17 – 4.97 each wholesale

Suggested retail: $9.95
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Suggested retail: $9.95 | $4.17 – 4.97 each wholesale

Are hot springs rainbows, curled up to nap? Or are they pools of water, heated deep within the earth? Yellowstone is an amazing and mysterious place. Emmaline has some imaginative ideas about the origins of the park’s wonders. Her scientist father has some pretty wild theories of his own. Follow their magical adventure through America’s first national park. Written and illustrated by an award-winning elementary art teacher and her own geologist father, this book is a playful lesson in earth science. The back of the book features four teacher resource pages with thought-provoking activities written by the author, a certified teacher.

Praise for Imagination Vacation Yellowstone :

“Here is an imaginative, colorful book for small children that offers an easy way for them to learn about Yellowstone, one of our most special places.”
-Lee Whittlesey, Historian, National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park

More than a book – it’s a souvenir!

3 Ways Imagination Vacation books are designed with your customers in mind!

  1. Location-specific stories draw interest because they feature places the traveling family just visited or are about to visit.
  2. Tourist stops are listed on the cover, making these books great souvenirs!
  3. They’re educational! Parents who choose natural and historic locations over theme park vacations often do so because they see the trip an educational adventure for their children.

It is time to dust off your shelves and add a few new titles!

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