Little Birds Collection 20 Pinback Buttons / Badges


Suggested retail: $2 each | Wholesale: $1


This size (1 inch) is the most coveted 18-35 market. Wear on hats, purses, backpacks, shirts, jeans, even shoes!

  • 60% recycled American steel
  • high gloss protective mylar covering
  • copper spring lock back
  • 100% USA made and sourced.

Easy Display Ideas:

  • Toss a handful into a bowl next to the register and watch how fast they sell.
  • Wrap a cute ribbon around an old cookie sheet, pin the buttons to the ribbon, display in an easel or hang on the wall.
  • Stick a strip of magnetic tape to a convenient post, the side of a shelf, etc. Badges will stick to the magnet.
  • Grab an old picture frame, apply strips of magnetic tape inside and cover with a pretty piece of paper. Stick badges along magnetic strips.

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