Obscure Animal Collection 32 Pinback Buttons / Badges


Suggested retail: $1 – 2 each ($32 – 64 total retail value)

Collection of 32 pins (2 each of 16 designs)
These are illustrations from the book, P is for Pangolin. They make a great companion product to the book.

Designs include: pink nudibranch, giant salamander, hawksbill sea turtle, sand cat, ringtail cat, Borneo rainbow toad, quetzal, yeti crab, blue nudibranch, axolotls, markhor, decorator crab, Irrawaddy dolphin, frogfish, zooplankton, flying gecko


This size (1 inch) is the most coveted 18-35 market. Wear on hats, purses, backpacks, shirts, jeans, even shoes!

  • 60% recycled American steel
  • high gloss protective mylar covering
  • copper spring lock back
  • 100% USA made and sourced.

Easy Display Ideas:

  • Toss a handful into a bowl next to the register and watch how fast they sell.
  • Wrap a cute ribbon around an old cookie sheet, pin the buttons to the ribbon, display in an easel or hang on the wall.
  • Stick a strip of magnetic tape to a convenient post, the side of a shelf, etc. Badges will stick to the magnet.
  • Grab an old picture frame, apply strips of magnetic tape inside and cover with a pretty piece of paper. Stick badges along magnetic strips.

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